Concord Middle School

Why Concord Middle School?

Staff and students who engage in the learning process that culminates in creative demonstrations of the learning that has taken place. Examples of this include the Middle School Science Fair, which includes exhibits from every middle school student and the Academic Exploration, which includes projects that grow more complex from the youngest students to the oldest. Again, every middle school student participates.

We offer a full complement of "no-cut" boys and girls sports at the middle school level, coached by experienced coaches including football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, track and cross country.

Concord Middle School has an updated computer lab, which is used to integrate technology into the curriculum. We teach the use of the equipment and software, but we also teach the responsibility that goes with learning to use this powerful tool of communication and educational resource.

  • Concord Middle School is a great place to transition from elementary school to high school. It is a place of caring teachers who make sure to address each student as he or she goes through the dramatic mental, physical and social changes that take place during the "middle years." The highly qualified staff prides itself on developing innovative ideas, incorporating fun into the learning process, and always striving to help students achieve at a higher level to set them up for the next year of school.


My Door Is Always Open

Matt Lehman, Middle School Principal
Concord Community Schools
(517) 524-8854


Vision Statement

All Concord Community School students will attain the knowledge, skills and achievement levels needed to fulfill their personal vision.


Mission Statement

The Concord Community Schools, together with families and the community, will provide all students with resources in a safe environment to nurture a passion for lifelong learning, social responsibility and the confidence to identify and pursue their goals.


CMS is a proud participant of SCHOOLS OF CHOICE

We are enthusiastic to dicuss how Concord will benefit your learner. Please contact the superintendent's office for more information.