Concord Middle School

Why Concord Middle School?

The staff at Concord Middle School is committed to providing each and every student the opportunity to flourish as they prepare high school.  The small nature of our school allows our staff to meet the instructional needs of each student while providing exposure to a wide variety of learning opportunities.  CMS offers advanced math classes, robotics, band, choir, creative writing, health and fitness, art, and many successful “no-cut” athletic programs.  Not to mention, CMS will become one of ten FUSE studios in the country in the fall of 2017.  FUSE is a STEM program that teaches students problem-solving and cooperative work skills along with 21st Century skills like computer programming, CAD, and 3D printing. There is no other school that can offer such a caring environment focused on academics while exposing students so many unique fields of study.  We truly are the best Small School with Big Opportunities.


Rebecca Hutchinson
Concord Community Schools
K-8 Principal