Please read the information below before beginning the application process. These policies are effective for the Concord High School.
Important Information

Application Submission Requirements:

  • Print out your completed application and attach the required documentation.

Eligible Residents: Any student residing within the Concord Community Schools may apply.

Entrance Requirements:

We welcome you and we are glad that you have chosen to enter your child into Concord Community Schools. We wish to make the registration process as easy as possible as we begin to transition your child into his or her new school. In addition to the Enrollment Form the following items must be submitted at the time of your appointment or we will not be able to register your child:

  1. Residency Validation Affidavit – We need something to verify that you live in the school district. Please refer to the Residency Validation Affidavit for two valid forms of proof of residency. If you live out of the District, please go to our Central Office and fill out a School-of-Choice registration form. It will need to be approved before enrollment occurs.
  2. Immunization Records – According to State law, we will need proof of all your child’s immunizations. If you are not certain if your child is up to date with his/her immunizations, please contact your family practitioner before coming to our office (If your child has had the chicken pox, please supply the date).
  3. Birth Certificate – Birth certificates must be the original that includes the county seal. We will make a copy and return the original to you.
  4. Proof of Custody – If custody arrangements for the child are applicable, we need a copy of the most current custody papers.
  5. Other Documents - If documents exist that include adoption certificates or legal name changes, please have those available
  6. Special Education – If your child has received special education services, such as speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, resource room help, etc., a copy of the most recent IEP or 504 Plan is essential.
  7. Request for Release of Information Form – Please include complete contact information for your child’s previous school, including the name of the school, address, phone number, and fax number.
  8. McKinney-Vento Questionaire – Required information to comply with the McKinney-Vento Act.
  9. Concussion Awareness Ackowledgement Form – The State of Michigan requires all parents of students enrolled in physical education classes and/or sports to be informed of the symptoms of concussions. Please return the Acknowledgement Form signed by both parent and student that indicates that you have received and reviewed the Concussion Fact Sheet.
  10. Agreement for Acceptable Use of Technology – Agreement must be signed by student and parent/guardian.
  11. FERPAIf you do not want Concord Schools to disclose directory information. Please complete and return.
  12. MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL ONLY – Form indicating your choice of band.
  13. HIGH SCHOOL ONLY - Transcript of High School Grades – You should be able to get an unofficial copy of your child’s transcript from your previous school, including the classes and grades for classes currently enrolled in. (If Algebra or Spanish classes were taken in middle school grades, please include documentation for these also.)
  14. HIGH SCHOOL ONLY – Athletic Transportation Form
  15. HIGH SCHOOL ONLY – Student Driver Permit Form

Thank you for helping us to make the registration process as efficient as possible by bringing the information listed above. Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions, or if we can assist you in this process.

  • Concord Elementary School (K-5) –
    405 S Main St, PO Box 338 – Concord, MI 49237
    Ph: 517-524-6650 Fax: 517-524-7680

  • Concord Middle School (6-8) –
    405 S Main St, PO Box 338 – Concord, MI 49237
    Ph: 517-524-8854 Fax: 517-524-7324

  • Concord High School (9-12) –
    219 Monroe, PO Box 338 – Concord, MI 49237
    Ph: 517-524-8384 Fax: 517-524-6196

  • Concord Community Schools –
    405 S Main St, PO Box 338 – Concord, MI 49237
    Ph: 517-524-8850 Fax: 517-524-8613